RFID Source tagging RFID-based retail protection solutions

As an EAS company and RFID Source tagging RFID-based retail protection solutions offers technology that helps determine when goods leave a store

<blockquote>Manufacturer of retail loss prevention and electronic article surveillance products including acousto magnetic tags, radio frequency tags, antitheft clothing tags, article theft prevention devices including antitheft hard tags, labels, lanyards, detachers, and pins.</blockquote><p>As an EAS company and RFID Source tagging&nbsp;<strong><a title="" href=""></a></strong> RFID-based retail protection solutions, TAG Co. offers technology that helps determine when goods leave a store, says RFID Source tagging, CEO of the company. In some cases, it tracks stock movements via RFID Source tagging RFID.</p> <p>ET-DH001 Security Display Hook 1</p> <p>The technology company already offers its EAS security system in most outlets. This solution has evolved into an RFID-compliant EAS system offering a wider reading range than traditional magnetic EAS technologies and allowing customers to go through larger doors. The system includes UHF readers that form a gate on the door and RFID Source tagging tags attached to clothing and other products and removed at the point of sale.</p> <p>This year, the retailer began using TAG Co. to develop a system to use RFID technology to manage the shoe stock, one of its most sophisticated product lines. The company did not hesitate to share the challenges, said RFID Source tagging This is remarkable, adds RFID, as RFID Source tagging providers often suggest solutions to problems that retailers believe or do not believe.</p> <p>This problem is exacerbated when the enterprise management software does not consider this omission. The software automatically detects products that are not sold after a certain time and reduces the price one or more times until the product is sold. If an employee discovers that a shoe is not exposed, he can send it to the retail outlet.</p> <p>According to RFID Source tagging, TAG Co. and the retailer were looking for an RFID-based system to find the most effective and affordable options. The marking of any shoe would be unnecessarily expensive because it never leaves the box before being tried and bought. As a result, TAG Co. has developed a solution that is now an integral part of RFID Source tagging The system has an RFID tag on each display shoe, which is connected to the box in which the shoe was housed with its partner.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>




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